25th July 2013


The recent affordability index from lender EBS and economic consultants DKM highlighted that consumers are having to  use more of their hard earned cash to pay their mortgages e.g. for a Dublin based couple both earning the average industrial wage the percentage of their income required now to pay their monthly mortgage rises from 14.1% at the end of 2012 to 16.9% now in July 2013. With prices definitely looking to have stabilized in the capital and indeed tick up in some areas – there will be little respite and as prices gradually rise so will more income be required to service mortgages.

Get the best value
Thus it is crucial that house buyers shop around to get the best value for their mortgage protection as this is where vital savings can be made given your mortgage protection cover lasts as long as your actual mortgage. We at Low.ie strip out 75% of the upfront commission paid to banks and intermediaries and use it to reduce your premiums over the life of your mortgage thus ensuring really sizeable savings and we can organize cover quickly and easily plus if you find a premium that is lower than ours then we promise to beat it with our Best Value Price Pledge.  We rarely have to use it!

Hello?? Chill!! Try Low.ie for a better deal
For example a 30 year old couple who are non smokers and looking for mortgage protection over 30 years for an amount of €300,000 will pay just €23.07 per month with us compared to €26.29 per month via Chill.ie or €25.61 per month via Hello.ie. ( Based on quotes done on 22.07.13). So on the basis of this example Low.ie are 11.5% cheaper than Chill.ie and 9% cheaper than Hello.ie. Saving you up to €1150 over the life of the policy.   

 Why pay more?

 | €9464.40  |   from  | Chill.ie. Why pay €1159.20 more?
 | €9133.20  |   from  | Hello.ie. Why pay €828.00 more?
 | €8305.20  |   from  | Low.ie. Why wait to get a quote?
You owe it to yourself
All things being equal you owe it to yourself and your family to make sure you get the best deal you can. We even have a price promise but as we said you probably won't need it. Get your quote today.

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