9th June 2014

Make me richer: Save on holiday cash with debit card 


It's a bonus when you can withdraw money from almost any bank machine anywhere without worrying too much about conversion rates. We looked at how much it costs to withdraw €500 from an ATM in the eurozone. But be warned, some banks and local ATMs may add additional charges.

Best: €0.35 Irish debit card.
 Avoid: €7.50 Irish credit card
 Save: €7.15


For the tradesman who survived the bust, things are beginning to look up again, especially with home improvement grants and incentives up for grabs. But the cost of getting to that job is still pricey. A 54-year-old carpenter living in Co Meath is looking for a deal on his 2009 Ford Transit van worth €8,000. He has had a no-claims bonus for more than five years, but has two penalty points. His policy is fully comprehensive with windscreen and breakdown assistance, and includes open drive for anyone over 25 years with a full licence.

Best: €315 Insure My Van
 Avoid: €645 Kennco Insurance
 Save: €330


How that year has flown by fast ... and now it's time to renew that house insurance policy.

It's always best to shop around just to see what's on offer, especially if you're lucky enough not to live in an area devastated by flooding in recent years. A couple in their late 30s are pricing up cover for their home in Lucan, Co Dublin. Worth €250,000, the property has a standard alarm and they've no previous claims. The policy includes buildings cover of €200,000 with 20pc contents cover. The excess is €300.

Best: €200.00 Chrome
 Avoid: €598.42 Axa
 Save: €398.42


It's a particularly pricey payment for the young driver to consider. Despite having a full licence, no penalty points, and two years' no claims, this 20-year-old student still faces a hefty premium for his 02D Volkswagen Golf. His cover is for third party, fire and theft

Best: €850 Lloyds (via CoverInAClick.ie)
 Avoid: €1,750 Axa
 Save: €900


If you're one of those who fret and worry about getting sick or having an accident, maybe you should consider income protection.

The policy pays out if you are out of work due to an accident, illness or injury and kicks in once your deferred period has passed, which, in this case, is 26 weeks. The payment would continue to be paid to retirement age as long as you remain unable to work. Full tax relief is available on policies. A 35-year-old chef, who smokes, wants annual cover of €30,000 until the age of 65.

Best: €104.75 with Friends First (via Low.ie)
Avoid: €141.66 Aviva
Save: €13,287 over life of policy


This article was written by Sarah Stack and originally appeared in the Sunday Indo Business: