26th February 2013


Caledonian Life recently announced that an additional discount of 5% is being applied to their policies. Time is now running out on the opportunity so if you're looking at initiating or changing a Life Insurance Policy then now is the time to have a look at Caledonian Life.

Act now for Cheaper life insurance
If you got a quote from us between 24th January and 1st March then the 5% discount was automatically applied. To get the discount you have to submit your application based on that Quote as soon as possible.

Exact times and dates for action
In order to get the discount cases must be submitted by 4pm on the 1st of March and gone live by 1st June. So act now. After that time quotes generated between the 24th of January and 1st of March are no longer valid.

Always giving you the best deal on Life Insurance
It's always our aim to pass on discounts to you the customer as quickly as possible. As always we aim to give the cheapest quotes on your premium by not taking the huge commissions that most brokers take. (Up to 140% in some cases). We're delighted to have Caledonian life as one of our providers. Go get a quote now and see how much you can save with LowCommission.ie and Caledonian Life.