25th July 2013


Mortgage protection insurance is one of those things that we don't really want to pay but which is really necessary. You were probably sold yours along with your mortgage and I'm sure it doesn't seem like a lot of money for the security it provides. But why pay more if you can pay less?

You heard it on TV
You've probably heard a lot about how much you can save on mortgage protection insurance lately. Guess what? It's completely true and making sure you get the best deal is really a good idea.

Are you paying too much anyway?
Mortgage protection life cover is one of the simplest forms of cover so essentially its about getting cover at the lowest price with a strong life company. Would you shop in Brown Thomas for milk!  Thus its very important to look for a company that strips out most of the high costs & commissions associated with this type of cover and uniquely passes these savings to consumers via reduced premiums thus ensuring sizeable savings over the term of the policy

Say Hello to Low.ie and Low Prices
That's why here at Low.ie we greatly reduce the amount of commissions we take to ensure that, on a like-for-like quote we will be the cheapest you'll find for your mortgage protection insurance.

Don't take my word for it - Check!
Go get a quote now and you'll see that you could save a significantly on your mortgage protection insurance. And don't be afraid to compare us to others you'll be pleasantly surprised.