14th November 2012


Hello there and welcome to LowCommission.ie. We’re delighted to be launching and bringing a better deal to Life Insurance customers across Ireland.

Here at Low Commission we believe that peoples hard earned crust is something that needs to be protected from a cavalier attitude to fees that has sprung up in Ireland. We are cheerleaders of a movement to provide better service and efficiencies to ordinary people without picking their pockets in the process. If a fee or commission isn’t justifiable, then it has to go.

We started Low.ie because we think the best place to start is at home, and that profiteering on commissions in our industry needs to stop. If you pay a premium for Life insurance cover, Income Protection, Mortgage Protection or Serious Illness Cover, we think that as much as possible of that premium should go towards your actual insurance coverage, not into the pockets of your broker.

At Low.ie it’s our goal to take out the “fat cat” fees and the high commissions and pass the savings on to you. We reduce the commissions by between 80%-100% so you don’t have to worry about middlemen taking your hard earned cash. What do we do with that saved money? Well we take it out of the premium, so you pay less for the same product.

So if you’re looking for a straight-up, great deal from people who’ll give you straight answers to straight questions, then get on over to the main site now. You’ll be glad you did.

PS. Stay tuned to this blog where we’ll be keeping you posted on developments in “Fat-Cat” corporate culture (both in and out of the insurance industry) and on the people who are trying to change things for the better.