Compare Compare Compare!

When it comes to serious illness, you need to ensure that you are covered for the highest amount of serious illnesses. Some providers may offer serious illness cover at cheaper rates; but make sure you are aware that the lower price might well mean a lower number of illnesses. You will find a full comparison of all Irish providers serious illness policies on our site. Use it!

Review Review Review!

As with all insurances, its worth reviewing your policy to see if you can obtain a better quality level of cover. When it comes to serious illness, quality is everything and with insurance companies adding new illnesses all the time, I think you’ll agree its worth an annual check!

Be Honest

Its important to ensure that when you apply for serious illnesses cover (and indeed any other policy!) that you are as honest as possible on the application form. If you don’t disclose previous tests or conditions, the insurance company may have grounds not to pay in the event of a claim.

Your Health is Your Wealth!

With serious illness cover, health problems, being overweight etc can have a negative effect on your premium. If you have been rated before for health issues, and your health has improved, its worth reviewing your cover to see if you can get a better price.