Start Young

Typically the younger you are the cheaper your cover is.

Two is better than one

If looking at Joint Cover look at doing Dual Life instead as that way you get two payouts rather than one for not a big difference in cost.

Review your rating

If you have been rated (charged an increase premium) for health issues, height & weight ratio or hazardous pursuits, you should get a 2nd opinion with another provider. Not all insurance companies think the same! Likewise, if you have a policy with a rating and your health has improved, reapply for the cover again. What’s the worst that can happen!

Quit Smoking

If you smoke, the insurance companies will class you as a higher risk and in turn charge you higher premiums than non smokers. Don’t worry though, if you haven’t smoked in more than 12 months, you should reapply for your cover. The insurance companies will now class you as a non smoker and you can avail of cheaper rates! Another reason to quit smoking!

Consider the benefits

Always look at doing cover on a convertible basis – a convertible term policy means that at the end of the policy term, you can extend it (for the same level of cover) for a further term without submitting medical details.