Amigo Rewards

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To encourage all our customers ‘to spread the Low gospel’ we are delighted to launch our Amigo Rewards Scheme.

What is the Amigo Scheme.

It is simply our ‘Refer a Friend Scheme’ which is designed to reward our clients for every friend, work colleague, family member etc you refer to

Check out the ‘Rewards’ below …


How does it work? 

Every customer of will get a promotional code number from us on email and they can pass this on to as many friends, family members etc that they want. When your friends/family run a quote on our site they simply key in the relevant promotional code.

If the policy subsequently goes live i.e. their policy document is issued by the relevant life company and the first monthly or annual payment on the policy is made – then you will receive an email from us to claim your reward.

This specific code can then be used on our rewards site ( to claim your very attractive reward.

Is there any limit to the number Of Rewards you can claim?

There is no limit so if you refer 6 family members (don’t forget the cousins!) you could get 6 FREE return flights to Europe!

How does the process work for their referral? 

  1. When your friends/family are completing the quote form on our website, they will enter your unique code in the promotional code box.
  2. We will then be able to identify that you have referred this customer to us.
  3. Your friends/family completes the application form either electronically or by hand.
  4. We process the application through underwriting until it is ready to go on cover.
  5. The policy goes live (on cover) and we notify you that you have earned a reward.

How will we know who refers whom?

Its very simple as on our Quote page your referral will see a box that is titled ‘Promotional Code’. In that box your referral will put in the relevant code given to them by you.

This will tell us that it was you  who referred this potential customer to us.

Is it safe to give my promotional code number to another person?

In accordance with data protection legislation we will provide no personal  information to anybody but you so rest assured all your policy information will stay totally confidential.

A little reminder on why you would recommend anyway!

  1. We cover the whole market so the person you refer can be safe in the knowledge that our quote engine is getting in quotes from all the life companies operating here.
  2. We find the lowest quote from these companies and then beat it.
  3. By taking sharply reduced fees/commission and using the fees/commission foregone to reduce the customer’s premium further we can make them sizeable savings over the life of their policy.
  4. We only deal with established international life companies and all customer policies are directly with these companies giving your referral peace of mind and security.


We Go Lower…

Since our launch we have saved our customers over €4m and these savings are against the lowest in the market. We are also unique in that we are the only adviser to offer reductions or discounts on monthly or annual premiums which ensures far bigger savings for our customers as these savings are over the term of the policies which typically are in excess of 20 years.


Call your Amigos today and get them to Go Low Now!